Hey friend!

I'm so happy that you decided to stop by and find out what meetmrsmayweather.com is all about. So first things first, this site and blog was created with women in mind. Not that the fellas don't matter- they can read it too, but my purpose is to help empower women to become better communicators about what they want and need in sex and relationships.  I know you're crushing it in your classes, kicking ass at work, taking care of the kids, cooking or ordering really great meals, and reaching your life goals. I just want to make sure that in the process you're equally excited about your life, sex, and your significant other (or someday to be). So I've provided a little more information about my journey below so that you can get to know me and I look forward to getting to know you in the future. 


So WHY did I create MeetMrsMayweather.com?

The truth is I hit 30 and had a quarter life crisis. I mean my love life is awesome, my family is great, my spiritual relationship is growing, but my career…yea... crickets. Don’t get me wrong-- I’m good at my job and the work can be fun, but that fire you feel when you’ve found that thing that you were created on this earth to do was totally missing.

So I did some soul searching and some pinterest pinning and decided I would find another way to work towards my passion. I did some research on blogging and decided that I would blog about something that gave me ENERGY. I landed on dating, relationships, and sex- but more importantly how to effectively communicate how to get the most out of those areas in life. This was the only topic that I felt I could eat, sleep, and breathe even if I was doing it for free! 

I originally planned to create a blog called #meetthemayweathers, which was the hashtag for my wedding weekend. There I would focus on cool dating tips, keeping the spark in your sex life, and my husband and I would give our opinions on various topics. It sounded great, but honestly I wanted something that was about me! I needed a place where I could talk about all of the sexual health knowledge that I had gained over the years, with or without my husband. I didn't want him or an emphasis on our "perfect" marriage to overshadow that sometimes women just need other women to share their stories with and gain insight from. So a wonderful friend came up with meetmrsmayweather and the rest is history. MeetMrsMayweather.com is where I get to take all the research, articles, books, and personal experience that I have and share it with you. What a feeling!

Now let me tell you, to date I have not made a dime off of meetmrsmayweather.com (Jesus be a paycheck). Yet, this is my journey and one that I am proud and honored to follow. I hope that you will join me!

So WHAT makes me an expert on communicating better in dating, sex, and relationships?  

Just like many of you, I have had some wild experiences in dating, sex, and relationships. Through it all I have found that the key to having more positive than negative experiences was learning how to effectively communicate my wants and needs. This is a space where I can share what I’ve learned and also where we can learn from each other.  If I write or say something that you agree with, give me a virtual high five by sharing, liking, or leaving a comment. If I write or say something that you totally disagree with, you have my permission to share and challenge my ideas (in a respectful manner) and we can have a conversation about your thoughts and views through email or in the comments section. I DON’T believe that I have all the answers! I DO believe that I have a lot of great ideas that can empower women and help you learn how to communicate better in your dating and love life!

And in case you’re wondering about my professional background,  I attended the University of Michigan (GO BLUE) where I earned a BA in Psychology, minor in Gender Health and later a Masters of Public Health in Health Behavior Health Education. I love facilitating workshops and tough conversations about sexual health topics like healthy relationships, communication, sexuality, STI & pregnancy prevention, and consent.  In short, I’ve been training to blog about these topics for the past 8 years.

Now that I've answered some of your questions, I'm sure you're wondering HOW do you get started? 

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