My partner gives horrible head. Help!

Q: My partner is really not good at head. What can I do to help?

A: If you learn nothing else from me, please take away that ALL men and women are different. By that I mean that what one person likes, another person does not- Inside and out of the bedroom.

Since head is a team sport I think that you should work on this together. Instead of telling them how bad they are and hoping they magically get better, try some of the techniques below: 

  1. Find some cool articles (think Cosmo magazine) or tutorials online to share with your partner. This is definitely a more direct approach, but if you're not happy you have to be honest. It's all about delivery. So a "Hey babe, I think you need to get better at giving head. Are you willing to work on it?" is tough but it sounds better than "Honestly, this is the worst head i've ever had. You need to find some help."

  2. Watch some porn together. If your partner is not pleasing you the right way, give them a few examples of what you would like. Turn on some porn and point out what turns you on, then try it.

  3. Another idea is to make it into a game. The next time you’re about to go down on your partner, tell them you want to play simon says. Tell them you will only do what they ask you to do. Now switch. You'll get exactly what they want and they'll learn how to do it. Just be sure to be vocal about what you like and don't like so they have confirmation of what's working. It’s a win-win for both people.

Practice makes perfect!