I'm too tired to have sex with my man!!! What should I do?

Q: I love my husband, but i’m tired!!! I work, I keep the house clean, I take care of the kids, and try to be a pleasant person to be around. At the end of the day I just don’t feel like having sex. What do I do?

A: One thing that I’ve learned in this life is that you make time for what you want to do and you procrastinate on the things that you care less about. So since we know what your priorities are, here are some ways to make sex a priority too.

  1. Ask for help. You’re clearly overwhelmed with life, but if you’ve chosen a great life partner, then lean on them. Ask your husband to help with the things that drain you at the end of the day like washing dishes, washing clothes, or helping put the kids to sleep. The energy that he saves you may leave energy for you to have sex.

  2. Schedule sex. Got friends or family who will take the kids for a couple hours? Schedule a date night for the purpose of enjoying time together and having sex. Can’t get away? Set your clock 30-45 minutes earlier and try morning sex. It’s a great way to start the day.

  3. Reflect on if there’s a deeper issue. If you feel like there’s time to have sex, but you’re still not interested, there may be something else that’s wrong. A lack of sex is sometimes the symptom of an unhealthy relationship or a mental health issue. Are you upset with your partner about finances, feeling depressed, unhappy with your body/weight. These are important issues that you need to deal with first.

  4. Speak to a professional. Maybe a medication that you’ve been prescribed or your birth control method is reducing your libido.