4 Things you should Absolutely do Before a First Date

4 things you should absolutely do before a first date.png

So you meet someone at your local coffee shop and chat for a little bit, then eventually exchange numbers or Instagram handles or whatever the cool kids are doing these days. You have a few more conversations and decide you want to go out on a date. If you’re not an expert dater, you may feel a little anxiety. So how do you deal with it? You do some research, my friend. Below are 4 things that I think you should absolutely consider before hanging out with a stranger. I also have a Cheat Sheet: First Date Do's & Don'ts, that you can check out later in my free resources library. You don’t have to do them all, but they may help you feel a little more comfortable when meeting new people.

1. Do your research

First dates can be awkward enough, let the internet do the dirty work for you. I know some people think it’s lightweight stalking to google a person before the first date but IDC, IDC, IDC. Women get assaulted or come up missing everyday after meeting up for a date. There is nothing wrong with checking out a person’s social media profile or looking to see if their name pops up on your states’ correction website or the sex registry. I mean you might be able to forgive a break in from when they were 18 years old, but maybe not a murder charge. LinkedIn is another great way to see what someone does professionally, especially if you refuse to date a partner who doesn't have a job. If you’re not already friends, they have a feature where you can look at profiles anonymously. Just saying.

2. Tell someone details about the person before the date

Someone should know that you’re meeting up with this person. It can be a friend, family member, or co-worker but someone needs to know who you were with last if you don’t come home or make it to work the next day. A rule of thumb for me and my bestie back in the day was to give each other a full name, phone number, picture, address, or any other identifiable information before the date started. In this day and age, if a person can’t tell you their first AND last name, you may want to think twice about a date.

3. Do travel to your destination separately

If you allow a person to pick you up and then find out he/she is a total creeper, you’re kinda stuck. Luckily uber & lyft exist, but there’s nothing like being able to get into your own car exactly when you’re ready and get out of there. You also don’t want a person to know where you live until you’ve vetted them. Someone popping up at your house is scary, even if it is to drop off flowers and a “thanks for a great date” card. I'm not sure if people still do this, but you know what I mean. 

4. Do go somewhere where you’re able to actually talk

Movies, clubs, and other dark spaces where you can’t talk are not for a first date. The point of a first date is to get to know a person better. Pick a place that is populated and well lit. This includes not meeting at someone's house. Sure the idea of a home cooked meal sounds appetizing, but you don't really know what you're being lured into. Use your best judgement and pick a public place, please. 

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