Open Positions

Social Media Intern

I'm looking for an innovative internto help develop our social media marketing strategy. 

This includes:

● Gauging audience receptivity and developing strategies for inspiring our followers and fans to connect, respond, and participate in our upcoming campaigns.

● Writing and posting effective, inspiring, and engaging daily content for all of our social media pages while keeping the voice of the Meet Mrs. Mayweather online personality.

● Market research for development of posts, though some content will be provided.


preferred Qualifications

● 1‐3 years of experience in effective use of social media for community engagement.

● Ability to perceive and remain consistent with our usage of language, photos, audio, and video that are aligned with the mission and branding of Meet Mrs. Mayweather.

● Experience implementing successful social media marketing to raise funds and awareness is a major asset.

● Resourcefulness and willingness to self‐start on social media posts and projects.

● Impeccable writing and research skills.

● Innovative insight into best possible practices for social media management.

● Positive attitude, impeccable communication, and team player an absolute must.

5-10 hours per week, internship is unpaid


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